SaaS Contracts: Is Your SaaS Contract Extending Your Sales Cycle?

The average sales contract being signed by a SaaS company has nothing to do with the technology being sold and fails to include all of the key contract terms that need to be in a SaaS contract.  Moreover, the average SaaS contract is more often than not actually a software license being passed off as a SaaS contract because the drafter was completely unaware of the distinction.

A poorly drafted SaaS contract not only extends the process of signing up new customers to use the product, but it also dramatically increases the risk that your company will end up in a dispute with the customer that does sign your contract.

What can be done by SaaS companies to ensure that their contracts are not creating more business problems than they solve?  The Silicon Valley IP Licensing Law Blog’s Author and Attorney Kristie Prinz will be presenting a webinar addressing these and other important issues on March 24, 2017.  The webinar will address such questions as:

  • What makes an effective SaaS customer contract?
  • What terms should SaaS customers expect?
  • Common challenges with customer negotiations.
  • What drafting problems frequently result in stalled contract negotiations? Customer disputes?
  • How can better drafting close deals faster? Avoid subsequent customer disputes?

Tickets are still available to attend this webinar, and the program will be appropriate for lawyers and businesspeople alike.  To sign up, please click on the following link:

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